My Current Tech Stack 10.04.2020

“it works great straight from the install, but it’s true power comes from the plugins you can install”

Web Development has been my development fix as of late, I have been learning to build with JavaScript Frameworks. Detailed below is my current tech stack ranging from Frameworks I use regularly to my Code Editor.


I currently use Visual Studio Code which I switched to over the last few months, it works great straight from the install, but it’s true power comes from the plugins you can install, ranging from Live Sass Compilation to Running a Live Server with Hot Reload so your site is updated in real time, or even built in time trackers that track how long you spend working in each languevereage and on each project it’s built in Electron which is a desktop app framework built on React. I currently alternate between Monokai Pro (Filter Spectrum) and Dracula in terms of the theme I use. As for plugins I will create another post that contains all of the Plugins I use and how to setup VSCode in the best way (In My Opinion).

Before VSCode I used Sublime Text which is clean and fast, built in C++ so it definitely opens large projects faster. I also used Atom for a while as the ads and website looked great, however it wasn’t as intuitive and fast as it was made out to be, if this has changed or if I just used it wrong I may consider trying it out again.


I used Chrome for the longest time, every so often trying out Firefox or Opera, however Chrome just felt the best to use for a long time, then I heard about Firefox Developer Edition and it truly is wonderful to use, I am kind of alternating between Chrome and Firefox Dev on my Linux Install at the moment, maybe I will pick one eventually. On Windows 10 I am still using Edge, just because I haven’t needed to install the others as I mostly use it for Design Work, Gaming and Netflix, I have considered installing Opera GX which is a gaming based browser made by Opera… We will see though.

Desktop Apps

As far as desktop apps go, I could categorize them in lists but I feel this whole bold to mark key points in paragraphs is going well so without further ado Design, I use Creative Cloud for my design work at the moment, I use XD for prototyping and Photoshop for image manipulation and asset creation. I have considered trying Sketch, Framer or Figma I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Moving onto Video Creation I use OBS for screen/game capture and I edit my videos with Premiere Pro I really want to learn After Effects so that is definitely on my to do list. Music In terms of recording Music I have been using Audition to play with but as stated in my desk setup post I am still learning. In terms of listening to music I use Apple Music as they have recently released a browser based client which works well and I already have a subscription. Gaming possibly one of my favourite hobbies, I am currently playing The Witcher 3, Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest, otherwise some of my favourite games to play is League of Legends which I know I am improving at but because I jumped into ranked when I started I ended up in Iron, I keep trying to climb but can’t quite get out of it yet. Hopefully soon.



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