Most of you are probably familiar with the name Vim, it’s been one of the staple Text Editor’s in Top 10 Text Editor lists for who knows how long (it was released in 1991).

Let’s begin…

It’s fast… Like really fast

The beauty of this very light application is it opens instantly, now I’m not saying that other Code Editors open slowly, but in comparison to opening Vim, VSCode and others lag.

It’s nice to your computer

I tested my RAM usage with vim and it’s between 2Mb and 7Mb in comparison VSCode runs about 600+Mb, I know the whole argument “I bought 16Gb of RAM I’m going to use…

I have been avoiding this note taking app for a while, it keeps popping up though so I figured I would download it and instantly I can see why.

It works incredibly well out of the box with zero configuration, though it does have a few options you can change as well. It is a lovely application to use, both the Web App and the respective macOS and iOS counterparts.


This is by far the killer feature of Notion, you can organise everything into pages that are then embedded inside of other pages, creating a contents list that you can…

This was quite a special experience for me, I have been a writer for the longest time however this mostly meant writing down ideas and keeping them to myself, this is the first idea I have had that I have written into a short story and recorded a narration of in order to share with other people.

I very much enjoyed the creation process, I took an idea I had been sitting on for a while and bulked/fleshed it out, then I spent time making sure I wasn’t overusing words and that the sentences flowed nicely. …

This is a story that starts with me at what was then the peak of my fitness, I was running 3 mornings a week, going to the gym 5 afternoons a week and skating most evenings for an hour.

I loved this period of my life and felt very good about myself for quite possibly the first time ever… Then it happened.

I Broke My Wrist

I fell off my skateboard while ollieing (for those unfamiliar, it’s when you snap the tail of the board down, slide your foot up the nose and make the board do a little hop in the air) down…

I have released a new website coded from scrath in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and designed by Lucy Cull. Go and check out the site using the link below.

Mac Hooper New Website

The MacBook has reigned over the laptop world for a long time now, for designers and other creatives the wide array of software that is not only supported but almost favoured on mac definitely provides you a good reason to purchase one, as for developers the unix environment provides total control over the device while still feeling like a premium machine with a well crafted OS.

Photo by Christian Bouvier on Unsplash

However there is one thing the surface does which I personally would love to see on the MacBook Pro and that is a convertible 2 in 1, i.e. …

This section is a little different, you won’t find yourself using this one as often to be honest, at least I don’t use it too often.

In fact the main thing I use it for is position headers to the top of a page and sometimes getting a floating button that drags the user back to the top of the page.

To start with open up your code and add a div with a piece of text saying this is positioned.

Next give the div a position of absolute and the text a position of relative.

Hello and Welcome to another exciting event from Apple, we will announce some stuff, mostly just updates of things you already know and love, next up we will announce some new things… Hang on… This time you may want to pay attention!

Who loves music? Most people, how many people are likely paying 9.99 in their respective people paper (currency) for the wonderful Apple Music service that Apple provides, millions more than likely.

Who loves games? A whole bunch of people that’s an extra 4.99 …

Not that kind of flexing.

Flexbox is an amazing way to control where things are being displayed on the page. It’s a little bit like Word’s justify feature, with a little bit more control. The diagram below does a good job explaining the basics.

The only difference would be you don’t actually type ‘Justify Left’ and ‘Justify Right’ instead you use the following snippet of code. the ‘|’ stands for OR.

justify-content: center | flex-start | flex-end;

and as you can probably guess the start of the flexbox or ‘flex-start’ is at the start of the div on the…

The web is made of boxes.

The way a page is split up into divisions using the `<div`> tag is called the box model. The simple way to explain it is using the diagram below and this simple line: The div is a box and has content in the center of the box, surrounded by padding then a border, this is all surrounded by an invisible margin around the outside which pushes other nearby `<div>` tags away, creating space between them.

We will study this box model below the current content of the site and we will write our, now the file is getting a little…

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